Modular set 06.51.148

Nr kat.

The modular set 06.51.148 is a really interesting novelty! We have combined a leisure set with a swing! This is a great way to save space, but also to reduce costs. The swings are offset from the tower by the distance required by safety standards, so playing on this set will be safe. Children can both swing and slide down the slide and climb the towers. In addition, we installed educational boards: a labyrinth, and colourful side fillings. We highly recommend this set as an interesting proposal for residential and school playgrounds.

The COMES modular system is a set of various elements that allows you to create unique combinations or modify already existing recreational sets. Elements of the system include towers, slides, steps, climbing walls, bridges, canopies, and much more. Thanks to a wide selection of elements, we are able to create customised sets and implement interesting ideas of our customers. Due to the height of the tower platforms – from 900 to 2000 mm – the COMES system is dedicated to older children and teenagers. Platforms at lower heights can be found in our COMES 2 System – dedicated to the youngest. Steel components are powder-coated with top-quality paints. Canopies and side panels are made of HDPE panels. The floors and gangways are made of waterproof, non-slip board. Please refer to the technical data sheet for further information on the technology.

The 06.51.148 modular set meets the requirements of the Polish and European standard PN-EN 1176, as confirmed by certificates issued by the Technical Supervision Institute.
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service. You are also welcome to visit us on Facebook.
Detailed dimensions and other information can be found in the enclosed technical sheet.

Numer katalogowy
Długość urządzenia (mm) 6900 mm
Szerokość urządzenia (mm) 3750 mm
Wysokość urządzenia (mm) 3700 mm
Grupa wiekowa 3-15
Liczba użytkowników 8
Norma bezpieczeństwa PN-EN 1176-1:2017-12
PN-EN 1176-2:2017-12
PN-EN 1176-3:2017-12
Wysokość swobodnego upadku (mm) 1500 mm
Strefa bezpieczeństwa długość (mm) 8400 mm
Strefa bezpieczeństwa szerokość (mm) 8100 mm
Wymagana nawierzchnia bezpieczna Yes
Dostępność części zamiennych Yes

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